There are many unwritten rules in the film industry, many of which actors only learn through experience. After years of being her daughter’s manager and greatest supporter, Gloria Iatridis shares her insights on being a parent to a child actor in Booked, combining advice for the parent with a child actor with memoirs of her and Olivia’s experiences in the industry.

     Although Gloria encourages parents to support their children’s passions, there are many things a parent should be aware of before entering the film industry. Together with Olivia, she shares information from an Indigenous perspective on how to support a child actor through their budding career, covering a broad range of topics such as:

          • How to stay safe in the film industry
          • Finding an agent
          • Auditions and callbacks
          • Payment and contracts
          • Representation, diversity, and inclusion
          • Balancing acting work and personal life for both parent and                 child     

     The Iatridises write to make sure both parents and children are prepared for the hard work and dedication necessary for a career as a child actor—and to celebrate all the victories that come with acting too.