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The language you use is at an appropriate level, making the topics easy for the reader to understand. This is a great introduction to the acting and entertainment industry, providing great starting points for the reader to research further without bogging your topics down with too much detail.

Editor's Manuscript Evaluation

Friesen Press

The thing that really sets apart your book from others that might be similar is the inclusion of the memoir sections. You and Olivia’s experiences as Indigenous women in the entertainment industry add a different, more personal dimension to the book’s contents.

Editor's Manuscript Evaluation

Friesen Press

This is a great book for any parent with a child interested in pursuing acting! The film industry can be tough to figure out and this book will give parents a feel for what their child is entering into. Get practical information like what type of headshots to get, what to look for in an agent, the contract, working as a child actor and much more. Each chapter provides current need-to-know information from starting out in the Film Business, to being a professional working child actor. It is a must-read for any parent with a child interested in being part of this industry.

Marc Gaudet

ActorVan Studios

I recently had the opportunity to delve into a valuable resource for parents aspiring to guide their children in the world of acting. BOOKED offers a comprehensive and insightful journey into the intricacies of the child acting industry, providing practical advice and essential tips for success. The book covers everything from actor preparation to landing a role and understanding contracts, the book provides practical advice and real-world examples. Key highlights include insights into finding an agent, submitting to casting directors, and promoting diversity and inclusion. I think the authors' attention to detail on topics like auditions, self-tapes, and pay makes this guide a comprehensive and valuable resource for both seasoned and novice parents. Highly recommended!

Yina Franklin

Parent of Child Actor


News/North Cover, January 1, 2024

Article by Tom Taylor